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 Title  Acapellas4U
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 URL  http://www.acapellas4u.co.uk
 Rate this site  Rated : 38461, Rate : 9.52
 Added  23-01-2004
 ETC   Views : 86724, Visits : 33313, Comments : 196
 Email  hqsamples[_at_]acapellas4u.co.uk


The #1 resource on the planet for free acapellas, full vocals, vocal loops, samples, acapellas and dj tools.
Our free collection has well over 27,500 vocal acapellas for you to use in your latest mashup, bootleg, dj set, remix and production work.

We currently have over 408,000!! members and we are now in our 8th year and continue to grow at an amazing rate.

Acapellas4u look forward to welcoming you & register for free acapellas now. It's completely free and takes just a few seconds.

Like our Facebook page for even more acapella freebies

 Name  Rate this site  Added  I.P  
 Steve   02-09-2009 Delete
Great site!!
 AC   27-08-2009 Delete
Great Site!!
 willybside   23-08-2009 Delete
baaaaam love it!!
 steplogicz   22-08-2009 Delete
stupid site wont register me for like 2 weeks now
 LUKE   19-08-2009 Delete
 djway   14-08-2009 Delete
best acapellas ever
 djlmnyc80   09-08-2009 Delete
this site is rediculous has everything ineed! where have you been!
 vinniethekid   06-08-2009 Delete
this site is off the hook for both new and old acapellas. THE Go-To site for any need!!!

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